This is my new blog; I’ve got tired of my old one and hope this one can be a bit more polished. As I’ve finished undergrad, I’m moving up in the world and pretending to be more sophisticated.  We’ll see how long it takes for me to become embarrassed about this one.


This year was an interesting one (this may come out in some of the posts) and the coming years should also be interesting; hopefully less challenging, but I guess challenging times are growth times. As the cliches run, there is a need for balance here.

This blog will attempt to find some of the gems in the murky dust piles of science, theology, philosophy and perhaps occasionally economics, as I’ve either done a few papers or have an interest in these broad topics. The blog title comes from a systematic theology I’m reading, which got me thinking a little about communication. I’d like to communicate well and communicate good things – primarily Truth, I suppose. Let me know how I’m doing with that if you like.


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