upcoming posts

Here are some things I’ve partly drafted or that are rattling around my head. If I list them here, I may finish them off and get them published, here or elsewhere.

“Why the Zombie Argument has bite” – a look at an argument for a form of mind-body dualism and why I find it attractive in some ways.

“21st Century Paul – the Eutychus event rerun”  – a satirical look at how a modern-day Paul might chat with the sleepy young man Eutychus.

“Flipping Divinity / Theodicy Flipping” – a look at the ‘Evil god’ challenge

“Assorted poetry” – pretty much what it says

some stuff on molecular convergence

some stuff on evolutionary convergence and ‘typology’ in the bible – in general, links in various teleological views of history.

“platonic theology – why we’re not friends”.   [Difficulties with Platonic source of morality, Platonic law of truth (E. Steinhart), ‘Platonic-like’ scientific law (see Whewell’s ideas as contrast). Interesting ideas: mathematical platonism (e.g. Gould v Craig).  Justice – why (contra Steinhart), humanrights or egalitarianism? Why would these be the abstract Forms and how would we know?!  Steinhart says that “As an affirmative atheism, platonic atheism has the resources to beat theism at its own game.” That may sound exciting to those who realise that the standard atheisms are unsatisfying, but perhaps this attempt to mix the transcendent with the profane instead (like non-reductive naturalism wrt persons?) has the resources to show some of the weaknesses of atheism in general.]

other stuff


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