What is it to be forgiven?

Is complete forgiveness to a) wipe out someone’s past, b) to wipe the past from your memory, c) or to act as if that which is forgiven had not happened?  Is there any difference between these options? If I had put more effort into this post, would I have drawn a Venn diagram and solved it?

This is a build-up to something I hope to look closer at one day – what is it to ‘deserve’ something?  Also, what are ‘punishment’, ‘redemption’, [insert other interesting words here]? I believe that Jesus has ‘taken the punishment that we deserve’, but that’s a lot of scary loaded Christianese words in one sentence – I’m working on fleshing out what it means to me and to you, insofar as we share a context.

So, as a preliminary, I hope you know or are coming to know that whatever you’ve ‘earned’, whatever you’re capable of, God is offering something much better (as evidenced in the dead man walking on Easter Sunday). Have a good week!



Oh – and about this blog – over time it will include a range of things, as I come to think about them – so while theology dominates now, next year we may shift into molecular biology or ethics, as the mood takes me.


One comment on “forgiveness

  1. Hmm, I have often wondered about the whole ‘what is forgiveness’ thing… will have to continue reading up the blog to see if you have any more thoughts on it…!

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