allusions to grandeur

I’ll just leave this here.

In fact, no, I will comment very briefly: this poem is from one of the sons of the recently deceased Kim Jong Il, who described it as “feminine”, perhaps for having a pacifist streak. If nothing else, the role of atheism in this world picture is intriguing. In fact, a bunch of things about this poem are intriguing!

I had a fairly long conversation with a Jehovah’s Witness lady on my doorstep yesterday, which reminds me of this vaguely. But, that’s another story.

Kim Jong Chol’s “My Ideal World”

If I had my ideal world I would not allow weapons and atom bombs any more.

I would destroy all terrorists with the Hollywood star Jean-Claude van Damme.

I would make people stop taking drugs.

I would even destroy the word “DRUG” to make people forget about it.

I would make everybody get good jobs.

Everybody would be happy: no more war, no more dying, no more crying.

Then I would make a rule (Do not believe in God.) God doesn’t help and there is no God.

I would make people believe in themselves, and they would work hard for their happiness and success waiting in their future.

I would make the whole world use only one language, which would be Korean, and I would make all people have the same amount of money: no rich people, no poor people.

Only in my ideal world can the people have freedom and live very happily.






The main reason I made this post is I liked the title and felt I needed to use it. Ideally, I would say something about the genuine grandeur of Jesus and how it compares to the faux-grandeur of the North Korean state and all other creaturely attempts at creating paradise-on-earth. And there, I guess I went and did it; you can fill in the gaps anyway.


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