middling humour concerning serious stuff

I find militant atheists almost funny in their passion for their cause. Come on guys; why bother?

It seems to me that the internal chatter in super-atheist world goes something like: “There is no point to life, just blind pitiless indifference – we must tell everyone! We must stop people believing stuff we believe to be false, because we have The Truth! Join Our Cause; there’s really no point but we believe in it and find it fulfilling (or some of us do – some of us are just hardcore truth seekers and actually don’t like atheism at all)! We are superior to most of the world and won’t stop til most of the world acknowledge it.”

Maybe it actually all makes sense or is really a matter of self-interest or just an elaborate attempt at the protection of one’s possible future progeny from religious indoctrination or something, but I am dropping off to sleep here so shall cease my ramblings for the time being.

My final question for the evening shall be this: is militant atheism predominantly the domain of failed scientists? Perhaps real ones have better things to do and perhaps often more humility too?  I dunno.  Some decent scientists are keen atheists/antitheists, but most are probably fairly agnostic on whether there is some kind of God.  Maybe.

Peace out.


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