Reason to Re-think?

Apparently attendance at the ‘Reason Rally’ for atheists and agnostics and secular people in Washington DC numbered about 8-10,000 people this weekend that’s just been. [Update: other sources say 30,000 – hard to count as people popped in and out. My point remains more or less worth making; but I’ll let you decide.]

Attendance at the Christian Parachute music festival in Hamilton is approx 20k each year.

In Hamilton.

A quick google search suggests attendance at the annual ‘march for life’ prolife rally in Washington DC has likely exceeded 250,000 people in recent years.

Given the size of other well-publicized rallies in Washington, I was naively expecting over 100,000 (or at least a few tens of thousands!) for the Reason Rally. What did I miss? I mean, sure it was raining – but it’s not like atheists melt in water …

.. is it?


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