PS – Jesus drove a Maserati

PS – thoughts on Palm Sunday

Jesus didn’t drive a Maserati (sorry)
didn’t ride high on a white steed
The son of man rode in on a donkey
for that was all the Christ needed

The king of the world entered his city
to rapturous cheers and applause
Soon to turn to greatest calamity;
the all-knowing God is ignored

The religious leaders quick to condemn;
as we have all come to expect
Yet, the one who came here to serve all men
was even by friends rejected

He who alone fulfilled what was required
nailed naked to a make-shift tree
Labelled a blasphemer and a liar
while I, who was guilty, go free.

Fictional irony, religious myth;
guilt-induced neurotic fantasy
Or, objective fact for you to deal with?
This Easter, ponder history.


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