trust and love

I’m listening to a talk about “Andrew Fuller’s broadsides against Sandemanianism, Hyper-Calvinism and Global Unbelief”. It’s really interesting and from, which has a bunch of good resources including many mp3s worth listening to.

One point from it which derives from Charles Spurgeon – in teaching children, less emphasis should be put on “love Jesus” and more on “trust Jesus”. I have some thoughts on this: 1) Whereas the command to love is a task which is potentially demanding and draining, the urge to trust him is freeing. 2) Further, to love Jesus in itself does not save, but to trust him does. Perhaps the distinction is a false one – and surely genuine love will lead to trust – but it is still worth saying that there are many people who claim to love Jesus who will not throw away their lives, entrusting them to him. What we should want for our children and all others is that they trust Jesus – to obtain this is better than any treasure imaginable.

A note on the side: Trust in the sovereignty of God going by the term ‘calvinism’ has a bad name and sometimes for good reasons, but I have found it deeply satisfying when I have made time to delve deep into God’s Word and the thought around it, with calvinists as guides. Michael Horton, Don Carson, JI Packer, Tim Keller and others lesser-known have helped me grasped the Gospel in a depth that results in a very practical encouragement in times of intellectual doubt, laziness, busyness, tiredness,  personal insecurity, being overwhelmed or depressed, etc. So, pretty much on a daily basis (at least as of late)! Without this sustenance, I suspect I would ‘do’ much less, so I am highly skeptical of any skepticism over the practical worth, value or use of careful theology.


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