Don’t FRET?

Förster resonance-energy transfer is quite interesting, one of the methods for analysing protein-protein interactions that I’m familiarising and refamiliarising myself with for an essay – but it’s not actually the topic of this blog post.

The real topic is a question I’m asking myself fairly frequently: should I continue studying science (molecular biology)? Or, is FRET my future? I’m locked in until the end of the year, but then, technically, I am free to do whatever I like (disregarding my medium-sized student loan and limited – eclectic in any case – qualifications :S)

I’ll probably commit to a Master’s next year, if I am able to find a supervisor and ideally some kind of funding?! If that proves hard work, well, we’ll see. Fairly soon I hope to get some certainty on what I’m doing next year – but even all going well, the year after is wide wide open. The reason for doing the masters is as preparation for something else; perhaps a PhD, but more plausibly some other less sciencey endeavour.
If you happen to have lots of money you want to give away to a fantastically worthy student or any ideas on scholarships /programmes in, say, philosophical theology, bioethics or the philosophy of science, feel free to get in contact 🙂

Here’s a song I like, some of which seems relevant. Enjoy!


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