working hard, to what end?

I am surrounded by busy people; some are busy working, some are busy procrastinating, some are busy wondering where their lives are headed. I’m doing all three and as I graduate in a few days, marking I suppose a kind of milestone in the epic of busyness, here are some semi-inchoate thoughts. And a large ant hill.

Sometimes I wonder why we do this, why some of us are so driven, often to fairly ridiculous lengths.

Working hard is thought to lead to success, or to be correlated with it. But what is success anyway? The cynical molecular biologist in me wonders whether it’s, after all, just a different configuration of atoms out of the quadrillion zillion different possibilities offered us by chance and necessity.

Many people are working hard at least partially for the sake of their salvation – they aim to get to heaven, or some similar concept, by doing good works. In the midst of my own busyness, I’m glad I don’t bear that particular burden. In spite of my own culpable failure and laziness, that exam has been passed for me, with an unprecedented perfect score, by Jesus.

I have little idea what life will throw at me, the options are many, but whatever I do, there are some things I can’t earn and the most important two have been given to me for free – my life and a right relationship with the one who gives and sustains life. That’s a good basis from which to work out some solutions to the hectic draining busyness of life.

So, I’m convinced that the answer to the question of work isn’t either to do more or to do less, but to re-frame and reconsider it in light of the only one who offers any sense to the madness; the beginning and the end who works to make us, to save us, and to make us better. That’s something worth working towards.


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