Heck, we could really do with some values

some ramblings in verse form; enjoy

Heck, we could really do with some values
Something other than the usual
choose your own, abuse your own family
normal kiwi post-everything norms

… do with a higher level discussion
beyond immediate repercussions
for the rich, the poor or me and my own
you and your dog and what you can earn

Could ask about what it means to live well
reintroduce ‘responsibility’
talk ‘bout justice, flourishing, judgment and hell(?!)
’long with grace and truth and humility

Focus could shift from ‘promiscuity’
to ‘suffering’, hope, and selflessness
after gaining some visual acuity,
could discern our own faults and others bless

what if we thought theologically
about technology? And community
being in relation [as] fallen humanity
rather than the GC and other inanity

we could probably better comprehend
the nature of all, the universe we’ve seen
the interplay of atoms, women and men
if it weren’t all just a mindless machine

we need a more holistic view, a new mind
hope for something truly worthwhile to say
for, to get ahead is to fall behind
if all along you’re heading the wrong way


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