success is best measured in units of hindsight

I find it easy to base my mood on perceived success in life. Perhaps you do too, I don’t know. I don’t have a clue who you are, so I don’t have much to go on. My priorities have shifted over the last few years (on and off), but the tendency remains, with success just measured (and not measured!) in different spheres of activity.

There are problems with this. Practically, success is hard to measure – it’s probably best done, if at all, in hindsight – e.g. someone who’s chipping away at a rockface with a pick with the intention of creating a tunnel is not going to know how it went until it’s over and the light is visible from the other side, but it’s more natural for current motivation levels to be based on current assessments of success. More fundamentally I guess, success isn’t the kind of thing that really matters. Many people live well without success. Many people also, of course, aim low and hit their target. Ultimately, what matters is what’s been done for me, not what I am able to build myself, for what I am able to build is in a quite different category of thing to the kind of thing that really fulfils.

So, I’ll keep on chipping. Many others have gone ahead, more may follow, and some may even be approaching from the other side of the mountain.

Influencing my thoughts over the last few minutes:
A blogpost
A public meeting talk from the Sydney Uni EU
General tiredness and a bunch of assignments – on rats’ ear widths, the evolution of cognitive systems, and a link between diabetes and mitochondrial capacity.


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