Getting noticed

On one of my numerous blog-trawling sessions atm (trust me, these things are useful!), I’m skimming a book on Amazon. I quite like the “LOOKINSIDE!” feature at that site. Btw, when I find a book that looks interesting, I get the info from Amazon (at least for starters) and look at bookdepository to see if I might be able to afford/justify-buying it sometime.

The book I’m skimming is “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World”, by Michael Hyatt.

Once upon a time I might’ve bought the book on a whim or at least considered it, but since my stacks of unread volumes are piling up and my wishlist extends to over 100 (and my bank account dwindles, and student loan looms), I’ll be content to skim for now. Let me quote from page 7:

“We don’t need more messages or products or services. Instead, we need better messages, products, and services.” 

Simple but profound.

The message of the first few pages of the book helped raise a question for me, as I’m in the process of trying to reimagine and revitalise a group I’m part of: what kind of groups do people want to be a part of; what kind would my friends want to be a part of? This leads me to reflect:
I think it’s pretty clear – people want to be part of (amongst other characteristics) warm, intelligent groups with a good sense of humour which are open at the edges but solid at the centre. They want to be refreshed rather than drained. They want to get away from superficiality to things that matter, but only if they are comfortable with the group environment. They want to be heard and to be recognised as important.

So, let’s hope for more such communities!

If anyone wonders, the heart of my blog-trawling experiences tend to revolve around this blog: – I guess because it reviews lots of books, is Christ-centred (or at least attempts to be), and has plenty of interesting links.


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