Bible, Science, Philosophy

Here’s the outline of a talk I’m giving soon. Enjoy.
I may fill it in more later.

5pm Start.

Play 4min clip from Francis Collins (former head of the human genome project) on how he became a Christian.
(from here)

Religion & Jesus.

Naturalism & Richard Dawkins.

Science – how I came to care about it.

[books – The Fifth Miracle, Darwin’s Black Box, The Way of The Cell, & Nature’s Destiny]
What I think about it now.

The Bible – what’s your interpretive lens?

What’s the nature of the God revealed in the Bible?

What about the early chapters of Genesis?

Historicity – a couple of case studies
What are the hard questions remaining?
What’s the consistent message of the Bible?

Philosophy – briefly, how it relates to God and science and living well.




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