the Word

The Bible is meant to be heard, and heard in community.

I find personal Bible study difficult as of late – probably a sign that I’m too busy, and there is a lot of the Bible that I have not read carefully for a number of years (makes me feel old). This afternoon as I study I’m listening to mp3s of the book of  Ephesians. It only takes a few minutes, and it is fantastic. I’m really appreciating how it repeats some of its points a couple of times, rephrased. If I listened to the Bible more, I would I think listen to my own inner whirl less, and that could only really be a good thing. The community thing is something else that I appreciate, and which could probably be done better; perhaps there is more to say on that in future.

There are copyright issues for free downloads of most versions, and a number of the free versions are not very nice to listen to. I’m listening to chapters from the ESV, but only a few can be downloaded for free so I’ll have to buy it sometime.

So, what’s the message of Ephesians? God has done (past) a great thing for us, in Christ; we were far off, but have been brought near to God. He has chosen us to live (present) according to his light. We are forgiven and peace is established and grace is showered upon us, through Christ. Our down-payment of God’s deep love in the present time is the Holy-Spirit. God’s plan is revealed in Christ, and is for all people. There is a full inheritance that we will receive (future), and God will be glorified. What could be a better message?

“Be careful how you walk; not as unwise, but as wise, for the time is short. …”


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