Dear Hipster Christian

Here’s a poem I composed. I might work on it more at a later date.

Dear Hipster Christian

I’m wondering what drives your progress
What makes you who you are
I know you’re on the road to success
And your small-talk is to die for;

You’ve got the right technology
And a postmodern theology
Your church is a tight community
And Jesus is your buddy

But you don’t identify
As Christian; all those misconceptions!
Nor do you aim to personify
This Jesus, in daily interaction

Would you die for this man?
Responding to his lacerations?
Are diamonds the rock on which you’ll stand
Or will you take true emancipation?

He seeks folk who will re-present

His scarred body in broken places

I’m wondering how you’ll act

Speak for him? Answer his many critics?
Mitigate the damage that accumulates
Or participate in & celebrate it?

“Evangelism is so passé,

Important people don’t want to hear
It’s medieval and pre – patently!”
(Old-school chronological snobbery.)

There’s nothing new about disdain

The way of the cross need not be fun
If Jesus existed: he lied, was insane
Or is Lord of all and everyone

You see, I’m sorta wondering

Why we have so many ghost Christians
Playing to win – not a lost nation 
But living the dream of a false vision

Oh, if only apathy were as sinful

As it is to be really uncool.


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