Ad hoc non hip hop


This is a T-shirt I would wear if I were cooler

I helped a new friend to write lyrics for a rap-battle a day or two ago at a Christian conference (sounds great, huh?), but my contribution was a bit wanting. So anyway, I am so tired after that conference that sleep eludes me, so here goes, some more rhymes with an ‘Apologetics’ type theme – written (as with most posts here) for my own future reference and reminding about concise ways to say things I think or am at least sometimes inclined to think (this poem has a ‘presuppositionalist’ leaning to it, which I am normally not a massive fan of, but felt it was worth exploring here:

you’ve got to calibrate your internal compass by the cross,
’cause the alternative is infernal and a sure way to be lost
this ain’t intuitively true; that’s why we require revelation
but ’tis a claim with plentiful corroboration
yeah, there’s the moral, cosmological and eutaxiological arguments
but king is the historical as He’s the one who started it
the resurrection of Christ is no mere myth-fiction
and to live outside its light is to live in contradiction
it’s to invent meaning in a directionless cosmos
a senseless exercise though it may feel apropos
naming the corruptible and/or dependent as Ultimate;
that’s a sure bet to fail, unlikely to satiate
to make choices based on norms divorced of their Chooser
or to invent your own non-facts, claiming truth to be elusive –
though popular this is to deny basic moral realities
to run into the brick wall: undeniable human frailty
denial of the divine seems to be a forfeiture of reason
replacing purposeful rationality with materialistic evolution;
arguing strenuously that there’s no point to life for all humanity
while retaining contrasting values(!) – seems to border on insanity
true reason hints that we are beings of worth, and purposefully made
the Creator’s Word shows though our main problem, and the price paid

I’ll add more to this later, perhaps. I was tempted to provide footnotes, but none of this is really new to this blog, so feel free to explore further or ask if something is unclear (e.g. Eutaxiological arguments, one of my favourite classes of theistic evidence). 


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