thoughts on a full week

I had a really interesting week, and am increasingly reminded, in the midst of what can be troubling and confusing times, that the Christian faith has a lot going for it. I’m fully serious here – I know of no better alternative and while no doubt I have my own biases and blindspots, it’s not through lack of looking.

I ended the week listening to yesterday’s debate between philosophers William Lane Craig & Alex Rosenberg. I have recently read some of Rosenberg’s work and I’m interested in his areas of expertise, so this was particularly exciting for me. In a short sentence, “Craig swept the floor”. It seems to me that the main proponents of scientism and naturalism have little to offer in their defence; that worldview is popular, but ripe for replacement. “Ah, but you would say that – you’ve been harping on about it for years!” If that’s your thought, please do listen to the debate – available here: [link]

Earlier in the last 7 days I got the samples I’ve been working on for a few weeks sent off, which means things are a lot more relaxed for me in my research, at least for a few days until I start to ramp things up again, working on analysis procedures and another lab experiment involving setting up competitions between different strains of yeast. After that (and as a result of things being chilled out), I’ve managed to catch up with a few people, with a mix of just-for-fun, and informal and formal planning for the year ahead – all in all, it’s looking fairly promising, though also a bit scary.

I’ve also found a great potential study option for next year, relating to philosophy; it could be pretty much perfect for me, but we’ll see how further work on this goes – hopefully more on that at a later date!




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