a final thought for the day

as I end the day reading a few paragraphs of a systematic theology and listening to ‘my epic’ -” lower still” (look it up on youtube), I’m reminded of the paradigm of humility, namely Christ. I’ve felt quite humbled over recent months, by my own inability to do as well as I would hope in various areas of life. Yep, I am a rather proud bunny, it would seem, and unjustifiably so. But if Christians have it right, then Jesus was humbled to a far greater extent, though completely undeserving, unlike me.

What struck me today was that this humility wasn’t just an act of self-sacrifice, it wasn’t some kind of masochism that was driving what happened – instead, it was done in order that people might be brought into relationship with God, and more specifically that God would be ‘glorified’, or seen to be exalted. God will effectively be magnified or raised up by people as a result of Christ descending to a shameful and humiliating death.

I’m not working out a full application here, but I find it a powerful image anyway, and it definitely shapes my sense of my place in the world and in relation to God.


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