Oh Lord, I’m lost in myself again today
Give me the strength that I might pray

Help me to get through these minor frustrations
Knowing that only in You is true satisfaction

Faith is not dependent on my self-confidence
I should be confident – in complete dependence

Let me trust in your life-giving Word
That I may stay in the truth and avoid the absurd

Direct me away from petty sin
Open my mind and enter in

Let me revel in your common grace
And to move beyond that; to seek your face

Let me realise that both are undeserved
And that the gospel is not just postulated but heard

As we run into this Easter season,
let me pause to reflect fully on its Chief reason

As an instrument of your grace, use me
for others’ good, and your glory

May I dwell not on others’ or my own inadequacies
but on your cross and its sufficiency

Success is different than it may look
I should well know it, I’ve read the ‘right’ books

But I need to know more, and with transformation
I look forward to that day of full sanctification

In conclusion, I often require assistance
You made me, so I’m yours. Thanks for listening.


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