Easter and the Zombie Invasion

This post is a quick one, based (largely) on personal experience.

When a mechanic tells you that your car brake pads are getting thin, you work on getting them replaced fairly soon.

When you’re hungry, you consider your options for food in the not-too-distant future.

When you feel sad, it tends to get your attention, and you generally try to do something about it.

When you’ve got good reason to think that your town has been invaded by zombies, you reach for the shotgun. And the napkin with the escape plan all worked out. And you think pretty carefully about transport options for getting the heck out of this place.

When you begin to realise that the world is governed by a holy and just God, that He acts in the world today and went to great lengths to rescue people, like yourself,  who oppose him…  you invest seriously into finding out whether this craziness is true. You get into the Bible, you do what you can to find out whether God exists and what any such God might be like. You look at the conflicting claims and make up your mind. You live in light of the evidence as you see it. You don’t just say “meh … maybe there’s something there, maybe not; other people can look into it if they want, but it’s not really my thing.”


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