Jesus still stands

On a dark afternoon with nails through his hands

my Lord was hung from a ‘tree’

but that wasn’t the end, and this man now stands

at God’s side eternally



The leaders of the time tried crucifixion

to end the life of Jesus

sentenced to die, in an unjust conviction

to suffer instead of us



The cross happened, it is well attested

in a range of documents;

the same picture has been multiply painted

by sources independent



The resurrection occurred too; this we know

by means of testimony

it’s good enough in science and friendship, so

consider trusting today!



Why trust old books on issues of importance??

Because their stories up-stack

and provide consilience and coherence

which the alternatives lack



The truth of all this has real consequences

it is either true or not

and as the case rests on sure evidences

I’m willing to take the bet



Don’t discount this without seeing if it’s true;

invent your own solution –

Christ’s resurrection shows only God renews

all else is mere confusion



This gives a grand view of God and mankind;

makes sense of humility,

justice, science, truth and forgiveness you’ll find

it’s well worth considering.



for more detailed discussion of related issues:


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