what excites you?

This excites me – it gives me a thrill, but also challenges and provokes and troubles me; it gives me reason to praise God and reason to plead with Him.

News of university missions in secular Europe: [here] “The Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe (FEUER) is proclaiming the gospel to thousands of students all over the continent as part of an evangelistic campaign to hold 25 university missions in 25 major cities in 25 countries in 25 months.”

I’ve heard people I know fairly well say that I never seem excited about anything. For this I profusely apologise, and beg to differ a little. They need to talk to me more about this kind of thing; perhaps I need to talk to them more about it too! Presenting the gospel persuasively, and impacting cultures in this way is something that seems to me to be worth living for; actually, worth throwing one’s life away for. 

The name “FEUER” is appealing – it means ‘fire’ in German. Germany is at the heart of secular Europe, and we can only pray for ‘Pentecost-like’ occurrences there, following on from the preaching of the Word as was the case at Pentecost, that may impact the rest of Europe. Or vice versa – however God acts!

Fire. I wonder if the ‘fire tetrahedron’ depicted here has spiritual analogies.


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