“may our stories find their meaning”

I’m really enjoying listening to music from NZ presbyterian minister Malcolm Gordon, after having the privilege of attending a talk he gave on Saturday. It’s great music, with some awesome intelligent lyrics. Very few things to disagree with, and it’s levels above a lot of worship music I’ve come across – I think this is the best I’ve heard produced in NZ. His newly produced album sat at #6 on the NZ music charts for a while, a pretty cool achievement for what is effectively an album of worship music. Check it out here: http://malcolmgordon.bandcamp.com/  His lyrics help to remind me of the profound beauty of the gospel.

This is a striking line from a previous album:
“May our stories find their meaning, find their rhyme and find their reason; may they grow in grace and justice, as we display your likeness.”

That said, call me sentimental, but it’s hard to beat this classic from Mum’s Dollar. It’s not too fancy, but I consider the touch of screamo quite a classy and happy addition 🙂 Seriously.

Soli Deo Gloria.


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