so many thoughts, so much meh

Various things to report, to the handful of people who keep an eye on my ramblings. Nothing too exciting, but I’m a postgrad science student, so you can’t expect too much! If you ask me how the research is going, I’ll say “slowly” – in case anyone wondered.

It’s been just over two weeks since I last blogged, and it feels like a rather long time indeed. It’s been a hectic few weeks; working(research) an approx 50hr week plus a couple of hours of transport per day and trying to squeeze in some church-related stuff is quite a mission, as it turns out. Throw into the mix the ugly monster of the quarter-life crisis (what the hell to do with one’s life?) which continues to rear its head and you have a not entirely fun concoction. However, life progresses regardless, and opportunities presented by a God of grace are also on the horizon.

I’ve been a bit anti-social lately, with the stress of ‘technically challenging’ research bubbling over. So today as I got out of my car on the way to uni I prayed that I might have a good conversation with at least one of my lab mates (far out, how sad is that? Good question), and am pleased to report I potentially made a new friend and got to know another person better, just by being interested and having the good fortune of having an interesting research project myself. The phrase “interested is interesting” seems a pretty good guide to social life, and I’ll try to try it out a bit more over the next few weeks. Actually being interesting is helpful too, as it turns out.

it’s a bear

A couple of my lab-mates are slightly addicted to live-streamed feeds featuring cute animals of various kinds, notably bears (I think Ursus arctos) and puppies. For some reason, there are 24/7 live-feeds of a range of animals available online (I’m inclined to wonder if at least some of them are just looped tapes, but I don’t want to watch long enough to find out). Whatever floats their boat, I guess – but I wonder if it’s a bit of an invasion of these animals’ privacy, if animal rights mean anything ? … Also, if karma is anywhere near legit, then somewhere in the universe, a bear-like creature is watching a live-feed of my lab-mates (and me?) through a hidden camera in our office/lab.   Something to think about.
Now, onwards and upwards, and time for the quote that made me feel I should write a blog-post:

“If someone thinks the gospel has somehow slotted into their life quite easily, without causing any major adjustments to their lifestyle or aspirations, it is likely that they have not really started following Jesus at all.”
Sam Allberry
– Taken from the free online introduction to new book “is God anti-gay”, available here [link] The book seems interesting too, but that’s a different conversation altogether.
I’ve been thinking quite a bit as of late, on and off, about the cost of following Christ, and this, taken out of its context for now, is a suitably challenging sentence to remind me of this. What this means for what I should end up doing with my life is a fascinating question to which I hope I’m working out the answer. 

Plenty more to say, as I am in the midst of (at least in theory, though I haven’t put much time into most of these) preparing for a missions week, planning ‘dialogue dinners’, setting up a public debate, considering some other evangelistic and inter-club events on campus, getting my bioinformatics project to work in time to get results for a conference in mid-August, working out what to do about experiments that keep failing, deciding what jobs/scholarships/courses to apply for for next year, and other such things which tend, in all honesty, to scare the crap out of me.   But, it’s time to try to read a little more, and then sleep. God is good, and He has revealed Himself as being near to us, as desiring to hear us, and as one who cares enough to change us.


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