spot the difference – theism and superstition

A quick note, inspired by reading a fairly snarky review of one of my favourite books, Plantinga’s “Where the Conflict Really Lies” [review here]. There is plenty to interact with in this review, and some other reviews, including a few good points and quite a few misunderstandings or misrepresentations, so I hope to come back to it later.

For now, I note that there is a difference between God and most other supernatural hypotheses – namely, that God, if such a being exists, created the entirety of the physical universe, and as such is a potential causal factor in a much more comprehensive sense than other supernatural hypotheses (e.g. ghosts).

As such, I think that makes the existence of a creator God harder to dismiss than the existence of a solitary ghost, or such things.

That’ll do for now. Peace out.


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