reading the Bible

I’m not in the habit of reading the Bible regularly and systematically, though I do vaguely intend to get around to structuring my life so that it happens in future.

Something I’ve found helpful today is listening to mp3s of various new testament passages – this is available for the ‘NET’ Bible (I think new testament, psalms, and I’m not sure what else, at this stage) – in particular, hearing Jesus speaking directly in Matthew 5 & 6 was moving:!bible/Matthew+5 (audio available below the text, as mp3 file)

I was taking notes on passages for a short while, working through a book, but that soon died, and since then my Bible reading has been sporadic, disturbingly so. Will try and resurrect that today. I find it hugely helpful when I do it, and it takes my focus off myself, it is just too easy to let it slide when I’m not intentional about it. There are many things in life like this, but some are more important than others – and hearing the Word of God is quite important, if anything even more so in times of busyness, stress, and decision-making.

As I finish typing this, the mp3 of Hebrews 4:12 is playing, which is appropriate.!bible/Hebrews+4


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