my Dad made all of this

Picture this conversation between children.

Adam: “my Dad’s a builder. He’s creating a huge house for a millionaire right now!”

Bruce: “my Dad is a millionaire. We have a boat, and when he’s not working, I’m learning to go sailing”

Carl: “my Dad’s a firefighter, he’s saved like over 100 cats, and quite a few people!”

Jesus: “my Dad made the universe by speaking. As a small token of this, I can walk on water and calm large storms by asking. Through my death, billions of people will be saved from eternal destruction, and my return from the dead in a glorified body will inaugurate the new creation my Dad has planned.”

Bragging is less fun with Jesus around.

I thought of this while considering the massive privilege of knowing the creator of the universe personally, and the relationship of this to daily study of the natural world.


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