best. intro. ever.

Quite often I enjoy reading papers for my research project, for varying values of ‘enjoy’. Seldom are they worth sharing for non-biologists though (I don’t think any biologists working in the field of evolutionary microbiology are likely to read this blog particularly often), but this one is hard to beat:

“The capacity of current sequencing technologies has revolutionized fields such as microbial ecology and evolution. Research projects and entire careers have been invented. For example, it has now become respectable, indeed fashionable, to sequence poop. Mouse poop, human poop: it is officially a cottage industry. Why? …”

The authors later go on to coin (perhaps someone else came up with it earlier though) the term “poop-omics”, which would be loved by skeptics of the ‘omics’ revolution. I’m personally not sure what to think of this revolution in biology (few tangible benefits have yet come out of it), but it is very interesting and gives me something to do each day (and if I’m lucky a scholarship for the next couple of years, but we’ll see), so I can’t really complain. 🙂


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