the price of rain

– a Christmas stream of consciousness

When Santa gave his deer free rein
They started living in the fast lane
Cussing and chasing girl reindeer
Fighting grizzlies and drinking beers

They made it to Germany, cruising  the Autobahn
But their horsepower wasn’t up to a Mercedes
It was messy, basically slaughter, man
And now Blitzen is chillin in the deep freeze

The fast lane has been cordoned,
Rudolph’s nose is a crimson hors d’oeuvre
For reindeer, in the end free rein was lame
But for us, autonomy is utmost aim

It’s all about choice and freedom and me
Why? It just is and that’s that, obviously.

What does Jesus have to do with this mythical mess?
Maybe it’s not just drunk reindeer who live like Vikings
It’s something bound up in us all, is what this guy says;
A life of self-love is what most fits our likings

Having turned our backs on our best friend
He responds by pouring the perfect storm of grace
New life begins because we made his life end
While we attacked, he was paying for our place

The key question that Christmas can raise
Is whether the gift is as good as He says
Through all the confusion of life’s twisted maze
Who’ll sit and reign over the remaining days?