“In the wake of the final triumph of the modern centralized state and of the breaking of the Church, there followed a protracted period of wars, revolutions, tyrannies, and attempted genocides that spilled oceans of blood and that, for rather obscure reasons, we are supposed to think morally superior to the age of “religious intolerance.” And so we are all now the beneficiaries of enlightened secular governance and its special achievements: the absolute state and total war (and, of course, a universal right to legal abortion).”

A dynamite historical comment from David Bentley Hart, in a First Things article from 2006 (near the end)


One comment on “modernism

  1. Tad Davis says:

    I’ve not yet read Hart first-hand, though I’ve listened to some talks he’s given. I’ll have to add him to my reading list. This same point is made several other theologians. William Cavanaugh for instance gave a four-part talk at Victoria University a few years back, one of which was on the Myth of Religious Violence (about which he’s written in a book by the same title. BTW, the other parts of this talk are well worth watching as well.

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