Exploring the communication of truth, partly by asking good questions – or that’s the plan!

I have BA/BSc conjoint degrees majoring in topics relating to ideas/arguments, money/society, and the science of life. I’m now doing postgrad study in the sciency side of things. Next perhaps (hopefully!) I’ll shift into studying either God or what you could perhaps call ‘meta-ideas about sciency stuff’, or both. I’m also an interesting person aside from what I happen to study (or in spite of), but I guess you’ll have to talk to me to confirm that!

Oh, and I like long walks on the beach. Generally by myself. And it doesn’t happen as often as it would in an ideal world; maybe I should action some change on that… I’m also interested in where the wider Church in NZ is headed and try to contribute to positive movement in small ways (plenty to rant about there). But mostly, I just sit and read books and journal articles and blogs, and sometimes write stuff. Often slightly pretentious and self-important stuff, as this ‘about’ page will confirm.

Full disclosure: Most fundamentally, I’m someone whose natural state of being is in full opposition to my Creator, and quite content being there. I would be separated from Him and lost irretrievably were not for God’s repeated gracious action in my life, drawing me to that singularity where justice and peace pre-eminently embrace –  the cross of Jesus. Knowing that God chooses to use human vessels in communicating the reality of Himself and being aware of the difference it makes in life and grateful for what He has done, I love to talk about the character, actions, and purposes of the one who made and renewed me. If that sounds like pious nonsense, I’m not too concerned, as I do believe it and think I have good reasons for doing so. Talk to me about it some time 


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